Award winning writer, Speaker, and Instructor

Award winning writer, Speaker, and Instructor

Award winning writer, Speaker, and InstructorAward winning writer, Speaker, and InstructorAward winning writer, Speaker, and Instructor

Hot off the Press!


Book 1: Echoes in the Walls

 The true and hysterical story of selling a new home to tackle a derelict 1840's Farmhouse in the country. 

An old house awakens long-forgotten dreams, and the wheels of change are set in motion. Unfortunately, the idyllic dreams turn to nightmares quickly. Nothing is what it seems--Obstacles litter the path and friends and family see only 

imminent disaster. 

Raccoons in a bedroom, bats in the attic, bones in the basement, and a sinister presence. None of these were part of the plan. It becomes a harrowing--sometimes hilarious,sometimes frightening--roller-coaster -of-a-ride. As the house endures monumental changes, the family must evolve as well.   In finding the humor, they learn to wear life's bruises proudly. 


 Book 2: These Animals Are Killing Me 

A Year of Ridiculous Interruptions - Courtesy of Pesky Wildlife, Quirky Pets and Two-Legged Mammals 

​​Follow a typical chaotic, over-scheduled family through a year of unexpected and humorous true life interruptions. Beginning with the first day of school, the book moves through various scenarios; over scheduled days, disastrous doctor visits, harried trips to the veterinarian, school obligations, the truth behind decorating for the holidays, Mars and Venus moments, family vacation, loss of family pets, and even the absurd things we do to avoid getting older. 

The beloved pets insert themselves daily, creating more havoc than they're worth. The local wildlife saunter in and out of their property with far too much regularity causing upsets, injury, fear and hysterical outcomes.



Katrina is an award winning author from Ohio.  She currently has two humorous, non-fiction books published:
Echoes in the Walls, and 
These Animals Are Killing me

She is currently finishing her third novel ( a Domestic Suspense) and has another story already rattling around in her head. 

Writing Instructor


 Katrina has turned her trial and error experiences of writing, editing and publishing into three interactive classes: 

So, You Wanna Write a Book? On Writing Memoir Edit is a four-Letter Word   

These work well in Library and writing club environments.

Motivational Speaker


Using her zany humor and real-life stories from her books, Katrina motivates people of all ages and stages to move beyond daily obstacles to find the humor, reach their goals and wear their bruises proudly. 

Speeches are customized to fit the audience.

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​Although I love to write my books, I also love to laugh. I'm adding this for fun!

My mom and me trying to read Chinese directions.(I obviously didn't write these!) 

Makes me laugh EVERY time.  Check out this great video